Martyn Byng

Principal Technical Consultant

As a Principal Technical Consultant at NAG, Martyn's key responsibility is the continuous development of NAG's Numerical Libraries with particular reference to the statistical routines. He began his career at NAG in 2003 during which time he has worked to develop, maintain and support NAG's statistical routines. Martyn has knowledge of numerical methods and their potential applications within a range of applications and industries. Much of his experience is in the development, use and support of statistical routines for data analysis, forecasting, planning, optimization, modelling and simulation purposes.

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Specific Technical Experience

Delivery of client specified functionality

Martyn has developed many custom implementations of a variety of statistical models for a number of clients. Examples include the Rasch model, to facilitate dynamic learning in an online training website, mixed effects regression models for use in the analysis of marketing data, a suite of random number generation routines and routines for the analysis of repeated measures data both of which were for inclusion in third party commercial software packages.

Algorithmic and methodological advice

Martyn has offered advice on appropriate methodology and algorithmic choice for clients working in finance, engineering and general research areas. Projects have included a detailed algorithmic review of specific numerical components for a leading large global software vendor. Other work has involved writing and reviewing reports for several international projects.

Accessibility of existing functionality

Martyn has been involved in many projects related to accessing the power and functionality of numerical libraries and custom written software from third party software packages. This work has included calling numerical code from Microsoft Excel, R, MATLAB®, Python and similar environments.

Mathematical Expertise

  • Statistics

Computing Expertise

  • Fortran
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • VBA
  • XSLT
  • OpenMP
  • SAS, R


  • Ph.D, "Locating regulatory regions using reversible jump MCMC", Applied Statistics (Genetics), University of Reading
  • MSc, Medical Statistics and Information Technology, University of Leicester
  • BSc, Mathematics and Statistics, Sussex University