Lawrence Mulholland

Staff Engineer / Technical Lead

Lawrence has over 30 years' experience supporting, writing and managing a range of numerical codes for CPU and other computing platforms. He is Technical Lead of Numerical Analysis within the Numerical Software Team and is jointly responsible, with other technical leads for algorithmic content of NAG Library products. Has also been responsible for the development and release of the NAG AD Library. His research and work areas include:

  • Linear Algebra 
  • Sparse Eigenproblems 
  • FFTs 
  • Differential Equations 
  • Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) 

Specific Technical Experience

Numerical code for processor vendors
Lawrence has managed projects to produce and maintain complete numerical libraries for global CPU vendors.
Design and development of a Numerical AD Library
Lawrence managed, designed and is the principal developer for the NAG AD Library. 
Design and development of parallel routines
Lawrence worked with others at NAG, and our collaborators to devise, design and develop new algorithmic approaches that are most appropriate for current multi core and many core processor architectures.
Development of many ODE, FFT, Linear Algebra and RNG codes
Lawrence has developed numerical routines in many important areas for specific client requirements and for the NAG Library project. He also produces clear technical directions and descriptions of appropriate usage and limitations for a range of numerical solutions.
Problem formulation advice
Lawrence has been an advisor on alternative ways of presenting and solving real world numerical problems for many clients in a wide range of subject areas including astrophysics, finance, retail data, energy and climate science.
Training delivery
Lawrence has developed and presented training courses on writing numerical code as well as course and seminars on the use of specific typed of routines and methods. He has delivered these courses for a range of different technical audiences in finance and other fields.

Mathematical Expertise

  • Linear Algebra
  • FFTs
  • Sparse eigenproblems
  • Nonlinear systems
  • PDEs and ODEs
  • Fitting and Interpolation

Computing Expertise

  • Fortran
  • C
  • OpenMP


  • Ph.D, Pseudospectral methods for PDEs, Strathclyde University
  • Postdoc on Sound Wave propagation through tube bundles, Keele University
  • Postdoc on adaptivity in psuedospectral solution of near-singular evolutionary problems, Strathclyde University
  • BSc, Mathematics (Numerical Analysis), Strathclyde University

Honours & Awards

  • BSc (Hons I), Strathclyde
  • TQ in Mathematics and computing; DipEd (Glasgow)

Papers & Talks

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