NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.3
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

 F11DKF Example Program Results

 Final Results
 Number of iterations for convergence:       2
 Residual norm:                               1.1177E-04
 Right-hand side of termination criterion:    5.4082E-04
 1-norm of matrix A:                          1.5000E+01

    Solution vector   Residual vector
       1.7035E+00       3.2377E-07
       1.0805E+00      -1.7625E-05
       1.8305E+00       2.7964E-05
       6.0251E+00      -2.5914E-05
       3.2942E+00       7.8156E-06
       1.9068E+00       9.2064E-06
       4.1365E+00      -3.0848E-06
       5.2111E+00       1.9834E-05