NAG Library Manual, Mark 28.5
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

 D03PP_T1W_F Example Program Results

  Accuracy requirement = 0.500E-04 Number of points =  61

  Remeshing every  3 time steps

  E =   0.005

 T =  0.200
 Number of integration steps in time =     42
 Number of function evaluations =   1088
 Number of Jacobian evaluations =    16
 Number of iterations =    101

  Derivatives calculated: First order tangents
  Computational mode    : algorithmic
  Derivatives (final time solution w.r.t. E):
     x            u(t)        du(t)/dE
   0.00000E+00  0.10000E+01  -0.41E-05
   0.88407E-01  0.99998E+00  -0.23E-01
   0.15564E+00  0.99996E+00   0.42E-01
   0.20680E+00  0.10001E+01   0.18E+00
   0.24574E+00  0.10002E+01  -0.19E+00
   0.27540E+00  0.99964E+00  -0.22E+01
   0.29803E+00  0.99737E+00  -0.69E+01
   0.31533E+00  0.99273E+00  -0.15E+02
   0.32863E+00  0.98573E+00  -0.26E+02
   0.33840E+00  0.97721E+00  -0.40E+02
   0.34598E+00  0.96762E+00  -0.55E+02
   0.35180E+00  0.95779E+00  -0.70E+02
   0.35666E+00  0.94753E+00  -0.86E+02
   0.36092E+00  0.93674E+00  -0.10E+03
   0.36475E+00  0.92541E+00  -0.12E+03
   0.36828E+00  0.91348E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.37161E+00  0.90085E+00  -0.14E+03
   0.37491E+00  0.88690E+00  -0.16E+03
   0.37832E+00  0.87103E+00  -0.17E+03
   0.38190E+00  0.85286E+00  -0.18E+03
   0.38636E+00  0.82809E+00  -0.18E+03
   0.39140E+00  0.79810E+00  -0.17E+03
   0.39833E+00  0.75512E+00  -0.15E+03
   0.40583E+00  0.70854E+00  -0.15E+03
   0.41174E+00  0.67351E+00  -0.16E+03
   0.41632E+00  0.64829E+00  -0.16E+03
   0.42027E+00  0.62820E+00  -0.15E+03
   0.42396E+00  0.61103E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.42756E+00  0.59577E+00  -0.12E+03
   0.43123E+00  0.58182E+00  -0.11E+03
   0.43506E+00  0.56887E+00  -0.92E+02
   0.43919E+00  0.55658E+00  -0.75E+02
   0.44388E+00  0.54477E+00  -0.59E+02
   0.44899E+00  0.53418E+00  -0.46E+02
   0.45613E+00  0.52227E+00  -0.28E+02
   0.46532E+00  0.51041E+00  -0.20E+02
   0.47713E+00  0.49776E+00  -0.19E+02
   0.49126E+00  0.48209E+00  -0.25E+02
   0.50409E+00  0.46427E+00  -0.37E+02
   0.51396E+00  0.44659E+00  -0.48E+02
   0.52200E+00  0.42872E+00  -0.58E+02
   0.52929E+00  0.40940E+00  -0.68E+02
   0.53693E+00  0.38571E+00  -0.81E+02
   0.54605E+00  0.35330E+00  -0.10E+03
   0.55731E+00  0.30946E+00  -0.12E+03
   0.56939E+00  0.26200E+00  -0.10E+03
   0.57950E+00  0.22512E+00  -0.80E+02
   0.58750E+00  0.19929E+00  -0.63E+02
   0.59461E+00  0.17943E+00  -0.50E+02
   0.60169E+00  0.16272E+00  -0.39E+02
   0.60935E+00  0.14796E+00  -0.30E+02
   0.61830E+00  0.13458E+00  -0.21E+02
   0.62954E+00  0.12266E+00  -0.12E+02
   0.64425E+00  0.11292E+00  -0.54E+01
   0.66357E+00  0.10617E+00  -0.16E+01
   0.68897E+00  0.10238E+00  -0.99E-01
   0.72237E+00  0.10071E+00   0.15E+00
   0.76630E+00  0.10016E+00   0.11E+00
   0.82407E+00  0.10002E+00   0.13E-01
   0.90005E+00  0.10000E+00   0.12E-01
   0.10000E+01  0.10000E+00   0.32E-04