NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.3
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

 D03PP_A1W_F Example Program Results

  Accuracy requirement = 0.500E-04 Number of points =  61

  Remeshing every  3 time steps

  E =   0.005
 T =  0.200
 Number of integration steps in time =     42
 Number of function evaluations =   1152
 Number of Jacobian evaluations =    17
 Number of iterations =    104
  Derivatives calculated: First order adjoints
  Computational mode    : algorithmic
  Derivatives (final time solution w.r.t. E):
     x            u(t)        du(t)/dE
   0.27544E+00  0.99997E+00  -0.15E+01
   0.29000E+00  0.99880E+00  -0.37E+01
   0.30855E+00  0.99527E+00  -0.86E+01
   0.32274E+00  0.98964E+00  -0.16E+02
   0.33371E+00  0.98206E+00  -0.26E+02
   0.34238E+00  0.97287E+00  -0.37E+02
   0.34896E+00  0.96317E+00  -0.50E+02
   0.35428E+00  0.95305E+00  -0.62E+02
   0.35876E+00  0.94266E+00  -0.73E+02
   0.36268E+00  0.93192E+00  -0.85E+02
   0.36625E+00  0.92065E+00  -0.95E+02
   0.36958E+00  0.90881E+00  -0.11E+03
   0.37273E+00  0.89635E+00  -0.12E+03
   0.37578E+00  0.88305E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.37882E+00  0.86864E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.38208E+00  0.85194E+00  -0.14E+03
   0.38560E+00  0.83258E+00  -0.14E+03
   0.38979E+00  0.80803E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.39509E+00  0.77549E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.40168E+00  0.73432E+00  -0.12E+03
   0.40847E+00  0.69275E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.41385E+00  0.66181E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.41816E+00  0.63890E+00  -0.13E+03
   0.42184E+00  0.62093E+00  -0.12E+03
   0.42528E+00  0.60552E+00  -0.11E+03
   0.42861E+00  0.59188E+00  -0.99E+02
   0.43195E+00  0.57953E+00  -0.89E+02
   0.43543E+00  0.56796E+00  -0.77E+02
   0.43911E+00  0.55715E+00  -0.66E+02
   0.44299E+00  0.54714E+00  -0.57E+02
   0.44758E+00  0.53705E+00  -0.44E+02
   0.45293E+00  0.52731E+00  -0.37E+02
   0.45924E+00  0.51792E+00  -0.24E+02
   0.46813E+00  0.50718E+00  -0.20E+02
   0.47928E+00  0.49540E+00  -0.20E+02
   0.49208E+00  0.48103E+00  -0.24E+02
   0.50403E+00  0.46437E+00  -0.31E+02
   0.51350E+00  0.44756E+00  -0.40E+02
   0.52116E+00  0.43083E+00  -0.48E+02
   0.52795E+00  0.41326E+00  -0.55E+02
   0.53463E+00  0.39328E+00  -0.63E+02
   0.54224E+00  0.36744E+00  -0.74E+02
   0.55169E+00  0.33178E+00  -0.86E+02
   0.56285E+00  0.28756E+00  -0.87E+02
   0.57362E+00  0.24614E+00  -0.73E+02
   0.58229E+00  0.21575E+00  -0.57E+02
   0.58936E+00  0.19385E+00  -0.45E+02
   0.59582E+00  0.17641E+00  -0.36E+02
   0.60232E+00  0.16147E+00  -0.28E+02
   0.60929E+00  0.14815E+00  -0.21E+02
   0.61729E+00  0.13601E+00  -0.15E+02
   0.62700E+00  0.12504E+00  -0.86E+01
   0.63930E+00  0.11566E+00  -0.38E+01
   0.65511E+00  0.10853E+00  -0.90E+00
   0.67547E+00  0.10392E+00   0.30E+00
   0.70168E+00  0.10147E+00   0.48E+00
   0.73543E+00  0.10044E+00   0.27E+00
   0.77891E+00  0.10010E+00   0.59E-01
   0.83491E+00  0.10002E+00   0.38E-01
   0.90706E+00  0.10000E+00  -0.10E-01
   0.10000E+01  0.10000E+00   0.32E-04