NAG AD Library
F08 (Lapackeig)
Least Squares and Eigenvalue Problems (LAPACK)

F08 (Lapackeig) Chapter Introduction (FL Interface) – A description of the Chapter and an overview of the algorithms available.

Mark of

f08ae_a1w_f 27 nagf_lapackeig_dgeqrf_a1w
Performs a QR factorization of real general rectangular matrix
f08ah_a1w_f 27 nagf_lapackeig_dgelqf_a1w
Performs a LQ factorization of real general rectangular matrix
f08ga_a1w_f 27 nagf_lapackeig_dspev_a1w
Computes all eigenvalues and, optionally, eigenvectors of a real symmetric matrix, packed storage
f08kd_a1w_f 26.2 nagf_lapackeig_dgesdd_a1w (symbolic adjoint mode)
Computes the singular value decomposition of a real matrix, optionally computing the left and/or right singular vectors (divide-and-conquer)