NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.3
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NAG FL Interface Introduction
Example description

E04VJF Example Program Data
 4   6             : Values of N and NF
-0.55D0    0.55D0  : Bounds on the variables, XLOW(i), XUPP(i), for i = 1 to N
-0.55D0    0.55D0
 0.0D0   1200.0D0
 0.0D0   1200.0D0

 6                 : Value of OBJROW
 -894.8D0 -894.8D0 : Bounds on the functions, FLOW(i), FUPP(i), for i = 1 to NF
 -894.8D0 -894.8D0
-1294.8D0 -1294.8D0
-0.55D0    1.0D25
-0.55D0    1.0D25
-1.0D25    1.0D25