NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.3
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

E01BA_A1W_F C++ Header Example Program Results

 Value of fitted spline at x = 0.5 is: 1.6487

 Derivatives calculated: First order adjoints
 Computational mode    : algorithmic

 Derivatives of fitted value w.r.t. data points:
  j    d/dx(j)      d/y(j)
  1 -1.1811e-02  1.1791e-02
  2  1.1517e-01 -9.4327e-02
  3 -8.3700e-01  5.6126e-01
  4 -1.2313e+00  6.7563e-01
  5  4.0894e-01 -1.9314e-01
  6 -1.2169e-01  4.9472e-02
  7  2.9040e-02 -1.0686e-02