NAG Library Manual, Mark 27.2
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NAG AD Library Introduction
Example description

D02BJ_T1W_F C++ Header Example Program Results

Case: no intermediate output, root-finding

  Calculation with tol = 1e-05

  Root of Y(1) = 0.0 at 7.288

  Solution is     -0.0000    0.4749   -0.7601

 Derivatives calculated: First order tangents
 Computational mode    : algorithmic

 Derivatives: (hit point w.r.t. parameters)
     dx/dg      = -1.89915e+02
     dx/ddrag   = -3.42541e+01
     dx/dheight =  1.05186e+00
     dx/dvel    =  2.43091e+01
     dx/dangle  =  2.60494e+00