G01AFF   Two-way contingency table analysis, with χ2/Fisher's exact test
G03AAF   Performs principal component analysis
G03ACF   Performs canonical variate analysis
G03ADF   Performs canonical correlation analysis
G03CAF   Computes maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters of a factor analysis model, factor loadings, communalities and residual correlations
G03DAF   Computes test statistic for equality of within-group covariance matrices and matrices for discriminant analysis
G03ECF   Hierarchical cluster analysis
G03EFF   K-means cluster analysis
G03FAF   Performs principal co-ordinate analysis, classical metric scaling
G04AGF   Two-way analysis of variance, hierarchical classification, subgroups of unequal size
G04BBF   Analysis of variance, randomized block or completely randomized design, treatment means and standard errors
G04BCF   Analysis of variance, general row and column design, treatment means and standard errors
G04CAF   Analysis of variance, complete factorial design, treatment means and standard errors
G08AEF   Friedman two-way analysis of variance on k matched samples
G08AFF   Kruskal–Wallis one-way analysis of variance on k samples of unequal size
G11CAF   Returns parameter estimates for theconditional analysis of stratified data

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