NAG Parallel Library

Z01 - Library Utilities

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Chapter Introduction
Z01AAFP Defines two-dimensional logical processor grid (Library Grid) and returns the BLACS context
Z01ABFP Undefines logical processor grid and invalidates the BLACS context initialised by Z01AAFP
Z01ACFP Root processor identifier
Z01AEFP Used in creating processes outside the default library mechanism, allows multigridding, used in more advanced applications
Z01BAFP Row and column indices of the root processor within the logical grid
Z01BBFP Identifies logical processors in context in the two-dimensional grid declared by Z01AAFP
Z01BEFP Topology to be used by BLACS for broadcasting and global operations
Z01BGFP Information about MPI tasks
Z01CAFP Number of rows or columns of matrix held locally on a given processor when the matrix is distributed in the cyclic two-dimensional block fashion (NUMROC)
Z01CBFP Length of the workspace for F08AEFP (PDGEQRF) and F08AFFP (PDORGQR)
Z01CCFP Length of the workspace for F08AGFP (PDORMQR)
Z01CDFP Process coordinate which possesses the entry of a distributed matrix specified by a global index (INDXG2P)
Z01CEFP Length of the workspace for F08FEFP (PDSYTRD)
* Z01CFFP Computes number of rows of a row block distributed matrix owned by a processor
* Z01ZAFP Returns information on coordinates in Library Grid set up by Z01AAFP
* Z01ZBFP Creates an MPI communicator from a Library context

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