NAG Parallel Library

F04 - Simultaneous Linear Equations

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Chapter Introduction
F04EBFP Solution of real simultaneous linear system (Black Box)
F04ECFP Solution of complex linear equations (Black Box)
F04FBFP Solution of real symmetric positive-definite linear system (Black Box)
F04FCFP Solution of complex Hermitian positive-definite linear system (Black Box)
F04GBFP Solution of real linear least-squares problem (Black Box)
* F04HBFP Solution of real symmetric banded linear system (Black Box)
* F04HZFP Solution of complex Hermitian banded linear system (Black Box)
* F04JBFP Solution of real symmetric tridiagonal linear system (Black Box)
* F04JZFP Solution of complex Hermitian tridiagonal linear system (Black Box)

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