Example description

nag_sparse_nsym_basic_setup (f11bdc) Example Program Results

Monitoring at iteration no.   1
residual norm:    1.4059e+02

     Current Sol     Current Res
     -4.5858e+00      1.5256e+01
      1.0154e+00      2.6624e+01
     -2.2234e+00     -8.7498e+00
      6.0097e+00      1.8602e+01
      1.3827e+00      8.2821e+00
     -7.9070e+00      2.0416e+01
      4.4270e-01      9.6094e+00
      5.9248e+00      3.3055e+01

Monitoring at iteration no.   2
residual norm:    3.2742e+01

     Current Sol     Current Res
      4.1642e+00     -2.9585e+00
      4.9370e+00     -5.5523e+00
      4.8101e+00      8.2070e-01
      5.4324e+00     -1.6828e+01
      5.8531e+00      5.5975e-01
      1.1925e+01     -1.9150e+00
      8.4826e+00      1.0081e+00
      6.0625e+00     -3.1004e+00

Final Results
Number of iterations for convergence:         3
Residual norm:                                1.0373e-08
Right-hand side of termination criterion:     5.5900e-06
1-norm of matrix A:                           1.1000e+01

        Solution        Residual
      1.0000e+00     -1.3554e-09
      2.0000e+00     -2.6109e-09
      3.0000e+00      2.2471e-10
      4.0000e+00     -3.2203e-09
      5.0000e+00      6.3045e-10
      6.0000e+00     -5.2431e-10
      7.0000e+00      9.5771e-10
      8.0000e+00     -8.4890e-10