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nag_reorder_vector (m01esc)

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    1  Purpose
    7  Accuracy

1  Purpose

nag_reorder_vector (m01esc) rearranges a vector of arbitrary type data objects into the order specified by a vector of indices.

2  Specification

#include <nag.h>
#include <nagm01.h>
void  nag_reorder_vector (Pointer vec, size_t n, size_t size, ptrdiff_t stride, size_t indices[], NagError *fail)

3  Description

nag_reorder_vector (m01esc) uses a variant of list merging as described by Knuth (1973). The function rearranges a set of n  data objects of arbitrary type, which are stored in an array at intervals of length stride, into the order specified by an array of indices.

4  References

Knuth D E (1973) The Art of Computer Programming (Volume 3) (2nd Edition) Addison–Wesley

5  Arguments

1:     vec[n]Pointer Input/Output
On entry: the array of objects to be rearranged.
On exit: the objects rearranged according to array indices.
2:     nsize_tInput
On entry: the number, n , of objects to be rearranged.
Constraint: n0 .
3:     sizesize_tInput
On entry: the size of each object to be rearranged.
Constraint: size1 .
4:     strideptrdiff_tInput
On entry: the increment between data items in vec to be rearranged.
Note: if stride is positive, vec should point at the first data object; otherwise vec should point at the last data object.
Constraint: stride size .
5:     indices[n]size_tInput
On entry: the indices specifying the order in which the elements of vector are to be rearranged.
6:     failNagError *Input/Output
The NAG error argument (see Section 3.6 in the Essential Introduction).

6  Error Indicators and Warnings

On entry, stride = value while size=value . These arguments must satisfy stride size .
Dynamic memory allocation failed.
Invalid indices vector.
On entry, n=value.
Constraint: nvalue.
On entry, size=value.
Constraint: sizevalue.
These arguments are limited to an implementation-dependent size which is printed in the error message.
On entry, stride  must not be greater than value: stride = value.
On entry, n=value.
Constraint: n0.
On entry, size=value.
Constraint: size1.

7  Accuracy

Not applicable.

8  Further Comments

The average time taken by the function is approximately proportional to n.

9  Example

The example program.

9.1  Program Text

Program Text (m01esce.c)

9.2  Program Data

Program Data (m01esce.d)

9.3  Program Results

Program Results (m01esce.r)

nag_reorder_vector (m01esc) (PDF version)
m01 Chapter Contents
m01 Chapter Introduction
NAG C Library Manual

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