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f16 – NAG Interface to BLAS

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1  Scope of the Chapter

This chapter is concerned with basic linear algebra functions which perform elementary algebraic operations involving vectors and matrices.

2  Background to the Problems

The functions in this chapter follow the specification of The BLAS Technical Forum Standard (2001). They are called extensively by functions in other chapters of the NAG C Library, especially in the linear algebra chapters. They are intended to be useful building-blocks for users of the Library who are developing their own applications.
The functions fall into three main groups:
  1. scalar and vector operations, also referred to as Level 1 BLAS;
  2. matrix-vector operations or Level 2 BLAS;
  3. matrix operations which includes single matrix operations (Level 2 BLAS), matrix-matrix operations (Level 3 BLAS) and data movement operations on matrices.
The terminology reflects the number of operations involved, so for example a Level 2 function involves On2 operations, for vectors and matrices of order n.
In many implementations of the NAG C Library, the functions in this chapter serve as interfaces to an efficient machine-specific implementation of the BLAS, usually provided by the vendor of the machine. Such implementations are stringently tested before being used with the NAG Library, to ensure that they correctly meet the specifications of the BLAS, and that they return the desired accuracy.

3  Recommendations on Choice and Use of Available Functions

The functions in this chapter make available only some of the Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms which carry out the low level operations required by linear algebra applications.
It should be noted that, in some cases, The BLAS Technical Forum Standard (2001) extends the functionality of earlier BLAS specifications. For example, nag_daxpby (f16ecc) carrying out the operation
is replaced by nag_daxpby (f16ecc), which performs the operation
yα x+β y.
The operator arguments diag, norm, order, side, trans and uplo are defined as enumeration types.
The order argument allows for 2D arrays to be supplied in either row or column ordering. The precise meaning of this for the packed and banded matrix storage schemes which are used by some of the functions in this chapter is described in the f07 and f08 Chapter Introductions.
Functions in this chapter do not use the usual NAG C Library error-handling mechanism, involving the argument ifail.
If one of the BLAS functions is called with an invalid value of one of its arguments, then an error message is output, giving the name of the function and the number of the first invalid argument, and execution of the program is terminated. The following values of arguments are invalid:
Zero values for the matrix dimensions are considered valid.

4  Functionality Index

Matrix operations: 
    Complex matrices, 
        matrix copy, 
            complex rectangular matrix nag_zge_copy (f16tfc)
            complex triangular matrix nag_ztr_copy (f16tec)
            real triangular matrix nag_dtr_copy (f16qec)
        matrix initialization, 
            complex triangular matrix nag_ztr_load (f16tgc)
            real triangular matrix nag_dtr_load (f16qgc)
            rectangular matrix nag_zge_load (f16thc)
        matrix-matrix product, 
            one matrix Hermitian nag_zhemm (f16zcc)
            one matrix symmetric nag_zsymm (f16ztc)
            triangular matrix nag_ztrmm (f16zfc)
            two rectangular matrices nag_zgemm (f16zac)
        rank-2k update, 
            of a Hermitian matrix nag_zher2k (f16zrc)
            of a symmetric matrix nag_zsyr2k (f16zwc)
        rank-k update, 
            of a Hermitian matrix nag_zherk (f16zpc)
            of a symmetric matrix nag_zsyrk (f16zuc)
        solution of triangular systems of equations nag_ztrsm (f16zjc)
    Real matrices, 
        matrix copy nag_dge_copy (f16qfc)
        matrix initialization, 
            rectangular nag_dge_load (f16qhc)
        matrix-matrix product, 
            one matrix symmetric nag_dsymm (f16ycc)
            one matrix triangular nag_dtrmm (f16yfc)
            rectangular matrices nag_dgemm (f16yac)
        rank-2k update of a symmetric matrix nag_dsyr2k (f16yrc)
        rank-k update of a symmetric matrix nag_dsyrk (f16ypc)
        solution of triangular systems of equations nag_dtrsm (f16yjc)
Matrix-vector operations: 
    Complex matrix and vector(s), 
        compute a norm or the element of largest absolute value, 
            band matrix nag_zgb_norm (f16ubc)
            general matrix nag_zge_norm (f16uac)
            Hermitian band matrix nag_zhb_norm (f16uec)
            Hermitian matrix nag_zhe_norm (f16ucc)
            Hermitian matrix, packed form nag_zhp_norm (f16udc)
            symmetric matrix nag_zsy_norm (f16ufc)
            symmetric matrix, packed form nag_zsp_norm (f16ugc)
        matrix-vector product, 
            Hermitian band matrix nag_zhbmv (f16sdc)
            Hermitian matrix nag_zhemv (f16scc)
            Hermitian packed matrix nag_zhpmv (f16sec)
            rectangular band matrix nag_zgbmv (f16sbc)
            rectangular matrix nag_zgemv (f16sac)
            symmetric matrix nag_zsymv (f16tac)
            symmetric packed matrix nag_zspmv (f16tcc)
            triangular band matrix nag_ztbmv (f16sgc)
            triangular matrix nag_ztrmv (f16sfc)
            triangular packed matrix nag_ztpmv (f16shc)
        rank-1 update, 
            Hermitian matrix nag_zher (f16spc)
            Hermitian packed matrix nag_zhpr (f16sqc)
            rectangular matrix, unconjugated vector nag_zger (f16smc)
        rank-2 update, 
            Hermitian matrix nag_zher2 (f16src)
            Hermitian packed matrix nag_zhpr2 (f16ssc)
        solution of a system of equations, 
            triangular band matrix nag_ztbsv (f16skc)
            triangular matrix nag_ztrsv (f16sjc)
            triangular packed matrix nag_ztpsv (f16slc)
    Real matrix and vector(s), 
        compute a norm or the element of largest absolute value, 
            band matrix nag_dgb_norm (f16rbc)
            general matrix nag_dge_norm (f16rac)
            symmetric band matrix nag_dsb_norm (f16rec)
            symmetric matrix nag_dsy_norm (f16rcc)
            symmetric matrix, packed form nag_dsp_norm (f16rdc)
        matrix-vector product, 
            rectangular band matrix nag_dgbmv (f16pbc)
            rectangular matrix nag_dgemv (f16pac)
            symmetric band matrix nag_dsbmv (f16pdc)
            symmetric matrix nag_dsymv (f16pcc)
            symmetric packed matrix nag_dspmv (f16pec)
            triangular band matrix nag_dtbmv (f16pgc)
            triangular matrix nag_dtrmv (f16pfc)
            triangular packed matrix nag_dtpmv (f16phc)
        rank-1 update, 
            rectangular matrix nag_dger (f16pmc)
            symmetric matrix nag_dsyr (f16ppc)
            symmetric packed matrix nag_dspr (f16pqc)
        rank-2 update, 
            symmetric matrix nag_dsyr2 (f16prc)
            symmetric packed matrix nag_dspr2 (f16psc)
        solution of a system of equations, 
            triangular matrix nag_dtrsv (f16pjc)
        solution of system of equations, 
            triangular band matrix nag_dtbsv (f16pkc)
            triangular packed matrix nag_dtpsv (f16plc)
Scalar and vector operations: 
    Complex vector(s), 
        broadcast a scalar into a vector nag_zload (f16hbc)
        maximum absolute value and location nag_zamax_val (f16jsc)
        minimum absolute value and location nag_zamin_val (f16jtc)
        scaled vector accumulation preserving input nag_zwaxpby (f16ghc)
        sum of elements nag_zsum (f16glc)
    Integer vector(s), 
        broadcast a scalar into a vector nag_iload (f16dbc)
        maximum absolute value and location nag_iamax_val (f16dqc)
        maximum value and location nag_imax_val (f16dnc)
        minimum absolute value and location nag_iamin_val (f16drc)
        minimum value and location nag_imin_val (f16dpc)
        sum of elements nag_isum (f16dlc)
    Real vector(s), 
        broadcast a scalar into a vector nag_dload (f16fbc)
        maximum absolute value and location nag_damax_val (f16jqc)
        maximum value and location nag_dmax_val (f16jnc)
        minimum absolute value and location nag_damin_val (f16jrc)
        minimum value and location nag_dmin_val (f16jpc)
        scale and add two vectors nag_daxpby (f16ecc)
        scaled vector accumulation preserving input nag_dwaxpby (f16ehc)
        sum of elements nag_dsum (f16elc)

5  Functions Withdrawn or Scheduled for Withdrawal


6  References

The BLAS Technical Forum Standard (2001) http://www.netlib.org/blas/blast-forum

f16 Chapter Contents
f16 Chapter Introduction (PDF version)
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