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NAG Toolbox

Withdrawn Functions

The following functions have been withdrawn from the NAG Toolbox at Mark 22. See the document ‘Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Routines’ for more detailed guidance.

Replacement Function(s)
e04un e04us
f11ga f11gd
f11gb f11ge
f11gc f11gf
g05ca g05sa
g05cb g05kf
g05cc g05kg
g05cf None.
g05cg None.
g05da g05sq
g05db g05sf
g05dc g05sl
g05dd g05sk
g05de g05sm
g05df g05sc
g05dh g05sd
g05dj g05sn
g05dk g05sh
g05dp g05ss
g05dr g05tk
g05dy g05tl
g05dz g05tb
g05ea g05rz
g05eb g05tl
g05ec g05tj
g05ed g05ta
g05ee g05th
g05ef g05te
g05eg g05ph
g05eh g05nc
g05ej g05nd
g05ew g05ph
g05ex g05td
g05ey g05td
g05ez g05rz
g05fa g05sq
g05fb g05sf
g05fd g05sk
g05fe g05sb
g05ff g05sj
g05fs g05sr
g05ga g05px
g05gb g05py
g05hd g05pj
g05za No replacement routine required

NAG Toolbox

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