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NAG HPC Technology Intelligence NEW

A new NAG service, in partnership with Red Oak Consulting was launched this week at the world's largest HPC event. The impartial NAG HPC Technology Intelligence Service will deliver technology insight and risk-reduction to help HPC buyers and users make better decisions and optimize their HPC investments.

The use of HPC promises real and significant benefits to those organizations that can exploit it effectively. However the world of HPC can also be a confusing place - a plethora of technology options, continuous rapid change, ambiguous long terms trends, diverse business models, and disruptive technologies. To assist buyers, users and managers of HPC facilities in navigating this complexity, NAG and Red Oak have created the HPC Technology Intelligence Service to deliver impartial intelligence and analysis on HPC technologies, backed by real experience and expertise.

The HPC Technology Intelligence Service will help you find what you need to know about HPC technology with less time, effort and cost on your part and thus enable better decisions focusing on the important information among the clutter in the HPC market. More information

Bridging the worlds of high performance computing and big data

The following is taken from an article by Nielsen.

Over the past year, Nielsen has been working with NAG, Intel and Cloudera to bring the worlds of high performance computing (HPC) and big data closer together. By merging these technologies, we'll be able to run large-scale optimizations, simulations and segmentation analyses more efficiently than before and within the same platform that houses our data.

As a topic, big data has been in the news a lot the last few years. When it comes to utilizing big data, companies employ a technology called Hadoop, which has become largely synonymous with big data. Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storing data and running applications that allows companies to process and manage very large amounts of data in a manageable way. Hadoop's primary programming model for processing data has historically been MapReduce, which allows for massive scalability across hundreds or thousands of servers in a cluster. While adequate for many purposes, MapReduce is not optimal for analytic tasks that require multiple passes through the data or communications between all of the processes involved in analyzing the data.

Read the full piece here.

New implementations of the NAG Library, Mark 25 available for download

There are now many implementations of the latest NAG Library (Mark 25) - click here to see the key implementations. Mark 25 includes extensive new functionality; click on this link to read mini-articles on some of the latest functionality:

  • Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
  • Unscented Kalman Filter
  • Further Additions to Nearest Correlation Matrix
  • LARS / LASSO / Forward Stagewise Regression
  • Change Point Analysis

The new routines add to the existing repository of fully tested and expertly documented numerical routines in the NAG Library.

How do I access the latest software?

We urge users to always use the most current version so you can benefit from improvements in performance, bug-fixes, and access the new functions. If you're not sure if you have entitlement to use the latest version of the Library, we can check your licence agreement. Simply email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

* Mark 25 Library implementations available for NAG C Library, NAG Fortran Library and NAG Library for Python, all on Windows and Linux, 32 & 64 bit. Apple Mac OS implementations will follow soon. If your NAG product and / or operating system is not featured here, please email us for an update.

NAG Library and Compiler for 64-bit ARM v8

NAG are working on NAG Library and Compiler implementations for 64-bit ARMv8. These are currently at beta - to access the software select the product below:

Best of the Blog

Diversity at NAG - vision for our future and where we are today

A short time ago my colleague, Andrew Jones, VP HPC Business, introduced me to John West, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Andrew found John's blog posts "Diversity in HPC Won't Improve Until We Start Counting" and "How One HPC Center Learned to Count" inspiring and suggested NAG get involved. Read more

Finding the safe path through the HPC fog

The use of HPC (or supercomputing or big data computing or advanced technical computing or …) delivers real and significant benefits to those organizations that can exploit it effectively. However, the world of HPC technology is a complex space, with a plethora of technology options, continuous rapid change, ambiguous long terms trends, diverse business models, and potential disruptive technologies. Read more

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