Specialist HPC Support for UK Supercomputer to expert HPC service provision to the Oil & Gas industry (and beyond)

NAG provided Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) services to research users of the UK supercomputer ARCHER (then known as HECToR) for nearly seven years beginning in 2006. Building on that 20 FTE effort NAG’s HPC team has grown in expertise and now supports research scientists at one of the world’s largest commercial supercomputers for a major oil & gas company.

Alongside these efforts, NAG’s HPC consulting and services team have provided benchmarking. As each of these customer groups have begun planning and execution of existing workloads to Cloud service providers NAG’s expertise and independence have come into increasing demand with end user organizations, chip manufacturers and Cloud service providers. Beyond HPC applications, many of these same customers have sought NAG’s help in formulating Machine Learning models for entirely new classes of applications.

Where all these activities lead is anyone’s guess in a world turned upside down by a pandemic, but it is clear that NAG’s expertise and independence remain in demand and we continue evolving to help our customers solve some of computing’s most difficult problems.

image depicting speed