4.4 fpp options

By default, C style comments are recognized. Turn this off by specifying -c_com=no.
Define the preprocessor variable name to be 1 (one). This is the same as if a -Dname=1 option appeared on the fpp command line, or as if a
#define name 1
line appeared in the input file.
Define name as if by a #define directive. This is the same as if a
#define name def
line appeared at the beginning of the input file. The -D option has lower precedence than the -U option. Thus, if the same name is used in both a -U option and a -D option, the name will be undefined regardless of the order of the options.
Accept extended source lines, up to 132 characters long.
Specifies fixed format input source.
Specifies free format input source.
Add pathname to the list of directories which are to be searched for #include files whose names do not begin with ‘/’. If the #include file name is enclosed in double-quotes ("..."), it is searched for first in the directory of the file with the #include line; if the file name was enclosed in angle brackets (<...>) this directory is not searched. Then, the file is searched for in directories named in -I options, and finally in directories from the standard list.
Generate a list of makefile dependencies and write them to the standard output. This list indicates that the object file which would be generated from the input file depends on the input file as well as the include files referenced.
By default, macros are expanded everywhere. Turn off macro expansion in comments by specifying -macro=no_com and turn off macro expansion all together by specifying -macro=no
Do not put line numbering directives to the output file. Line numbering directives appear as
#line-number file-name
Remove any initial definition of name, where name is an fpp variable that is predefined by a particular preprocessor. Here is a partial list of variables that might be predefined, depending upon the architecture of the system:

Operating System: unix, __unix and __SVR4;
Hardware: sun, __sun, sparc and __sparc.

Remove initial definitions for all predefined symbols.
Suppress warning messages.
Suppress warning messages.
Convert upper-case letters to lower-case, except within character-string constants. The default is not to convert upper-case letters to lower-case.
For fixed source form only, treat blanks as insignificant. The default for fpp is that blanks are significant in both source forms.
Use the specified directory instead of the standard list of directories when searching for #include files.