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2.6 Compilation Messages

The messages produced by the NAG Fortran Compiler itself during compilation are intended to be self-explanatory. The linker, or more rarely the host C compiler, may produce occasional messages.

Messages produced by the compiler are classified by severity level; these levels are:

Info informational message, noting an aspect of the source code in which the user may be interested.
Warning the source code appears likely to be in error.
Questionable some questionable usage has been found in the source code which may indicate a programming error. This has the same severity as “warning”.
Extension some non-standard-conforming source code has been detected but has successfully been compiled as an extension to the language. This has the same severity as “warning”.
Obsolescent some archaic source code has been detected which although standard-conforming was classified as obsolescent by the Fortran standard (selected according to the -f95, -f2003 and -f2008 options). This has the same severity as “warning”.
Deleted feature used a feature that was present in an older Fortran standard but deleted from the Fortran standard selected by a -fN option was used. This has the same severity as “warning”.
Error the source code does not conform to the Fortran standard or does not make sense. Compilation continues after recovery.
Fatal a serious error in the user's program from which the compiler cannot recover, the compilation is immediately terminated.
Panic an internal inconsistency is found by one of the compiler's self-checks; this is a bug in the compiler itself and NAG should be notified.