Does your HPC deliver the best impact at the best cost?

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NAG is the leading international center-of excellence in business and technical aspects of HPC. NAG brings expertise, experience and impartiality to help you deliver the best HPC service, evaluate technology options, acquire HPC systems, make your applications go faster, understand your competitive position, train users and managers, and ensure best impact at all costs.


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With HPC, experience and expertise matters. NAG is one of the very few organizations that have genuine proven expertise and experience in HPC. Companies of all sizes and public sector organizations around the world trust NAG to help define HPC strategy, demonstrate cost-effective HPC service delivery, evaluate technology options, migrate to new technologies, achieve improved application performance, and provide HPC user support services. NAG has a breadth of HPC experience and expertise that combines skills found in large HPC centres with specialist business focused HPC skills, and experience gained from an unrivalled track record of HPC consulting projects.