Webinar: Solving the HPC Cost to Solution Puzzle for Faster, Better, Cheaper Cloud Applications
Wed 27th October 2021
11:00 PST

Learn why cost-to-solution is the best way to achieve performance and flexibility for cloud HPC. Join NAG's team of experts as they explore how to assess the variety of cloud infrastructure options and the complex trade-offs involved in achieving efficient and performant cloud HPC applications.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn what to consider when performing migration of an IO intensive HPC application.
  • Understand how scaling behaviour can alter your instance selection.
  • How expensive hardware can give you the most cost-effective solutions.

Speaker: Branden Moore is HPC and Benchmarking Manager at NAG. He has over 15 years of HPC experience across academia, industry, and government, focusing primarily on software optimization and architectural research. Branden has worked with scientists across many different having previously been at a large industrial research centre and a U.S. national laboratory.

Host: Harry McHugh is Senior Product Marketer for HPC at NAG. He assesses and defines the HPC market for NAG, working as a key member of the HPC market and product teams. Harry has been an HPC user for many years during his career as a seismic processing geophysicist.