Webinar: A practical perspective on quantum computing
Thu 22nd April 2021
14:00 BST

Webinar: A practical perspective on quantum computing

The popular press has generated much hype surrounding quantum computing (QC), but gauging progress in the field can be quite difficult due to the unique language, properties, and algorithms of quantum mechanics. Nevertheless, the promise of quantum algorithms and the rapid pace of advancements in quantum architecture merit a watchful eye on the field for any HPC provider or practitioner. In this talk, Jeremy will give an overview of the fundamentals of quantum information theory, some basic code examples, an overview of several promising quantum algorithms, and a practical outlook on the current status of quantum computing.

Your Host: Jeremy First is an HPC Computational Scientist at NAG. From Houston, TX, Jeremy designs, develops, and maintains HPC software for scientists in various disciplines including petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and seismic imaging. He is also charged with tracking developments in quantum computing algorithms and architecture, attending various conferences, educational seminars, and tutorials on the subject. He received his PhD in 2019 in Physical Chemistry from The University of Texas at Austin, where he used computational chemistry techniques to investigate electrostatic interactions in complex biological systems.