Webinar: Inclusive Leadership and Inspiring Action and Innovation
Wed 8th July 2020
14:00 BST
Online Webinar 14:00hrs BST / 15:00hrs CEST

Dr Toni Collis,
CEO Collis-Holmes Innovations,
former Chair of Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC)

Is 2020 your year for improving equity, diversity and inclusion? Or the year that you hope your research team makes their big breakthrough? Are you hoping to get more out of your peers and colleagues and team? 

Diversity is now a buzzword that gets attention wherever you go, but actually embarking on a programme to hire and retain diverse talent is not as easy as it first seems! 

In this talk I will discuss why equity, diversity and inclusion and achieving success for your team, innovation and research are not mutually exclusive. I will share my experiences of setting up an internationally recognised movement addressing inclusion - Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC), including what I wish I had done differently. 

I will finish with a session on inclusive leadership, and how being an exceptional, inclusive leader can inspire research, innovation and the careers of those around you.

About the Presenter:

Dr Toni Collis is the CEO of Collis-Holmes Innovations and former Chair of Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC). Toni is a Strategic Leader, Trainer, Consultant and Leadership Coach. With a background in Physics, Toni’s professional career has focused on facilitating the use of parallel computing and supercomputers for the advancement of research and innovation in both academia and industry.