NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®

MBMI625DCL - License Managed

Mac OS X (Intel 64 bit), MATLAB R2015a - R2017b

Installer's Note


1. Introduction

This Installer's Note is essential reading for whoever is responsible for the installation of this implementation of the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB. Please note administrative rights may be required in order to install the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB depending on where it is installed.

Your attention is drawn to the terms and conditions of the Software License Agreement regarding the use of NAG software.

2. Implementation Provided

2.1. Applicability

This implementation is a compiled, tested, ready-to-use version of the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB that is considered suitable for use on the computer systems detailed below:

hardware:             Apple Intel Mac 64-bit
operating system:     OS X 10.7 and compatible
MATLAB version:       64-bit: 8.5 (R2015a), 8.5.1 (R2015aSP1), 8.6 (R2015b),
                              9.0 (R2016a), 9.1 (R2016b),
                              9.2 (R2017a), 9.3 (R2017b)

The system must have MATLAB installed. This product has been tested on the versions of MATLAB shown above and may work on later releases. More details may be available on the supplementary page (see Section 2.2).

2.2. Supplementary Information

Please check the following URL:

for details of any new information related to the applicability or usage of this implementation.

3. Distribution Medium

The software is available to download from any of the NAG websites (see Section 7 for contact details).

4. Installation

Assuming you have downloaded the toolbox materials, double click on MBMI625DCL.dmg in Finder, and then on the installer program which is named INSTALL.command. (If you get a pop-up message about the app being from an unidentified developer, the security preferences for this file can be overridden by Control-clicking on the file and choosing Open from the shortcut menu. Then click on Open from the pop-up dialog box.) Follow the instructions given.

You will be able to choose the location under which the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is installed.

After installation, you should ensure that the software described in Section 4.1 is present and accessible.

You should access the toolbox documentation as follows. On starting the MATLAB documentation browser you should see a link labelled Supplemental Software. Clicking on that should open a browser with the entry NAG Toolbox in the Contents list.

A quick test that the software has been correctly installed is to type a00aa at the MATLAB prompt, which should print some implementation details.

4.1. Installation Options

During the installation process, you will be asked where to install the NAG Toolbox MBMI625DCL material. By default this will be under ${HOME}/NAG. The installer will create the directory [install_dir]/mbmi625dcl, where [install_dir] is your chosen location. Unlike NAG Toolboxes designed to work with earlier versions of MATLAB, it is recommended that you do not install this Toolbox within the MATLAB hierarchy.

On successful installation you will be asked whether you want the install script to modify your MATLAB startup.m file, with code designed to ensure that the NAG Toolbox is accessible. The code adds the location of the NAG mex files and help files to your MATLAB path.

The MATLAB command userpath may be used to check where MATLAB expects startup.m to be located. If this is blank, it can be reset using userpath ('reset') from the MATLAB command prompt.

If your installation of the NAG Toolbox is intended to be used by more than one person, then you may prefer to modify the MATLAB file toolbox/local/matlabrc.m instead of your personal startup.m. The install script will not attempt to do this for you since administrator privileges may be required, but you may use commands identical to those shown for startup.m in matlabrc.m instead.

If you choose not to have your startup.m file modified, or your startup.m file is in a non-default location, then you will need to do it by hand, using code similar to that shown by the install script, i.e.

  % Adding NAG Toolbox to MATLAB path ...
  addpath('[install_dir]/mbmi625dcl/toolbox/NAG/mex.maci64', ...
  % Finished adding NAG Toolbox to MATLAB path
and substituting the actual installation location for [install_dir], e.g.${HOME}/NAG if you installed to the default directory.

If the startup.m file does not get read automatically (perhaps because of your "Initial working folder" setting under "General Preferences"), run the following commands from the MATLAB prompt to run it manually:

  cd ~/Documents/MATLAB
(This assumes that startup.m is in the default location.)

4.1.1. Silent Installation

From a command line, it is also possible to run INSTALL.command in unattended or silent modes. The installer takes command line switches for this purpose:

4.2. Uninstalling the Software

To uninstall the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB, simply delete the directory where the toolbox was installed. You should also remove any lines referring to the NAG Toolbox that were added to your startup.m or matlabrc.m files.

4.3. License Management

The use of the NAG Toolbox is controlled by the Kusari license management system. This release of the NAG Toolbox uses version 2.2-72 of Kusari.

In order to enable the software, NAG will issue you with a license key. The license key is a simple text file containing details of the software that will be enabled.

A short term (demonstration or trial) license key contains one or more lines like the following:

MBMI625DC TRIAL 2016/08/28 "EMnxidA3oeoj0F1Yvi5ibxPjB7"  
Specifically, it has a line containing the word TRIAL. Longer term license keys must be locked to a specific computer, i.e. they will enable the software on one computer only. These license keys include the word NODE or FULL instead of the word TRIAL above and may contain extra fields.

The simplest way to install the license key is to place it in a file called nag.key in your home directory (${HOME}).

Further details about Kusari and how it may be configured to suit your local circumstances (e.g. how to install the license key on a server) are included in the Kusari License Management documentation available from See also the Kusari FAQ:

5. Documentation

On-line documentation, accessible via the standard MATLAB help facilities, is bundled with this implementation.

6. Support from NAG

NAG will provide free support for this product for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Beyond that period, support will continue to be provided for users who have an appropriate support agreement. Please see

for information about the NAG Technical Support Service, including details of the NAG Technical Support Service contact points. We would also be delighted to receive your feedback on NAG's products and services.

7. Contact Addresses

Please see

for worldwide contact details for the Numerical Algorithms Group.