NAG Library for .NET Version 2: Changes in release 2b


Release 2b (Assembly version is an update to Release 2 (Assembly version It has the same product code and default installation location, however the different assembly version strings allow both versions to be installed side-by-side and registered separately in the Global Assembly Cache if that is required.

The main feature of this release is a new version of the assembly NagLibrary.dll that is compiled for the AnyCPU target and will dynamically reference the underlying 32- or 64-bit native code library depending on the .NET runtime in use. The existing NagLibrary32.dll and NagLibrary64.dll are still provided, as before, although compiled with a newer version of Visual Studio (2013), referencing the .NET runtime 4.0.

New Files

Version of the NagLibrary (and its intellisense support for Visual Studio) compiled for the AnyCPU target and usable in both 32- and 64-bit .NET environments.
If this version is used, the library identification method, A00.a00aa, will report a version of
NAG Library for .NET Release 2 Any CPU (x86)
NAG Library for .NET Release 2 Any CPU (x64)
depending on the .NET runtime being used.
This file, noting changes since the first release.


In addition to the new files listed above, the following changes have been made: