NAG C Library, Mark 26

CLL6I262CL - License Managed

Linux 64 (Intel 64 / AMD64), Intel C/C++, 32-bit integers

Supplementary Information


1. Introduction

This page is for supplementary information relating to the implementation described in Section 2.1 of the Installer's Note. It may be augmented over the life-time of the product if further pertinent information becomes available.

2. Applicability

This implementation is considered suitable for operation on the computer systems detailed below:
hardware:          Intel 64 systems and compatible (including AMD64)
operating system:  Linux 2.6.32 (glibc-2.12-1) and compatible
C compiler:        Intel C++ Compiler
                   Version 20171018 and compatible
Fortran compiler:  Intel Fortran Compiler
                   Version 20171018 and compatible

3. Test Platforms

This implementation has been successfully tested using the following:

Note: This list is not exhaustive; other combinations of hardware, operating system and compiler may also work.

4. Calling from Intel compilers older than version 18.x

When calling this implementation of the NAG Library from older Intel compilers (e.g. version 17.x), it may be necessary to link with [INSTALL_DIR]/rtl/intel64/libsvml.a in addition to the other runtime libraries listed in Section 3.1 of the Users' Note.

5. Calling the Library from Intel Fortran

This NAG Library implementation contains interfaces that allow it to be called from Intel Fortran (ifort). The supplied Fortran example programs (located in the f_examples directory) may be compiled and run via the example scripts (from the scripts directory). These will illustrate the compiler commands required.

6. GNU gfortran compatibility issues

The libraries in this implementation have been successfully tested with the GNU gcc C compiler (see above for versions), but there are some issues when trying to call these libraries from GNU gfortran. Intel Fortran (ifort) and gfortran deal with the logical type and with routines that return Complex in different ways; therefore this Library is not fully compatible with gfortran.