Webinar: Dissecting the myths of Cloud, GPUs and HPC

Which processor architecture and should my HPC system be Cloud or In-House?

Andrew Jones, Vice-President, HPC Business delivers this recorded impartial webinar dissecting the myths surrounding HPC, GPUs and cloud. A must for anyone involved in computing. Watch the webinar by completing the short form opposite.    

Watch the webinar if you are trying to address either of these two questions: 

1. Which processor architecture is right for your HPC? 
2. Should your HPC system be in the cloud or in house? 

What you will get: 

  • An expert practitioner’s personal view – independent, with deep technical knowledge and experience. 
  • Real-world advice on how to select the best HPC system for your specific needs. 
  • The truth behind the marketing statements made by vendors and solution providers. 
  • An understanding of new ways to mitigate against risk in your decision processes. 

Webinar topics: 

  • The HPC technology choices facing HPC users and managers: processors, accelerators, and GPUs. 
  • The HPC delivery choices facing HPC users and managers: cloud vs HPC. 
  • How these fit into other choices, including supercomputers, commodity clusters, and more. 
  • The truth behind the marketing hype and claims. 
  • How to balance technology and commercial benefits against the risks of backing the wrong solution. 

Watch the webinar by completing the short form opposite. 

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