WCI Streamlines Production with NAG Code

Making the best steel at top production speed requires advanced tools.

To produce 185 grades of flat-rolled sheet steel, Ohio based WCI Steel requires much engineering expertise and automation to streamline production. Getting each ladle of steel produced by their furnace into the caster as quickly as possible, can make or break production schedules. To this end, WCI does extensive process-related modeling using NAG numerical components.

WCI streamlines production with NAG code.

WCI creates a production outlook for its many facilities for the next 1 to 3 days using NAG numerical components. Using NAG code, WCI adds new constraints to their models as needed to further refine their production schedule. The result? Top quality steel in the shortest possible time frame.

Why use NAG code?

The Caster Process Control Group at WCI Steel reports that using NAG algorithms is straightforward.

"To get the feel of the NAG functions, we used the examples provided with the NAG Library. For us, this is the best way to understand how the code will behave. The NAG Library also came with a very extensive and very well organised documentation set. With the documentation and example codes, we were able to create a module using the NAG functions within a reasonably short period of time."

"NAG had exactly what we were looking for: an extensive set of funtions, an on-line help facility, a rich documentation set, code examples, and technical support. Plus, other companies offering libraries were up to 10 times the price."

"The NAG functions have worked flawlessly and reliably since they were incorporated in our process. Using the NAG Library, the source code has been streamlined for easier maintenance. And, the NAG Library hasn't put any noticeable increase in CPU usage."

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