Visual Basic for Applications (32-bit) Headers for the NAG C Library Mark 26.1

The information here is applicable to the DLLs supplied with CLW32261EL.

Support files for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) may be found in this zip file. These files can be used in 32-bit VBA code. Separate Visual Basic .NET headers are available.

For each NAG C Library chapter letter there is a file called clvb6-<chapter letter>.bas which contains the VB declarations of the C functions from all the chapters beginning with this letter. For example, clvb6-e.bas contains the declarations of all the functions from chapters e01, e02, e04 and e05. There is also a corresponding set of files called clvb6-<chapter letter>-long.bas using NAG C Library long names. The supplied files also contain commented out skeletons for call-back functions. All Enum and Type declarations necessary for the parameters (mandatory and optional) can be found in the file clvb6-types.bas. The file clvb6-utilities.bas contains declarations of the Windows kernel function RtlMoveMemory and its aliases. This function is used to copy memory between C pointers and VB variables or arrays. clvb6-*.bas files can be imported into your VB project.

The header files are based on the stand-alone version of the NAG C Library DLL (CLW32261E_nag.dll); to specify the version of the DLL which uses the MKL BLAS/LAPACK instead (CLW32261E_mkl.dll), replace CLW32261E_nag.dll by CLW32261E_mkl.dll in the Function and Sub declarations.

See the pages on using the NAG C DLLs from Excel for information on how to use these headers.