Training Courses
Targeted, Expert Learning

The Training Courses below have been delivered successfully either from NAG offices or at client premises. All material can be tailored to suit specific requirements and be targeted to novice, intermediate or experienced levels. Specialized mentoring and development programs are also available for HPC managers. 

Attendees benefitting from NAG Training Courses come from a wide variety of sectors including FSI - Investment Banking and Insurance, Aerospace, Education, Research Organisations and Government Labs.

HPC & Software Training
NAG Product Training
  • Using the NAG Library in Fortran
  • Using the NAG Library in C and C++
  • Using the NAG Library in Excel and VBA
  • Using the NAG Library for Java
  • Using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB
  • Using the NAG Library for Python
  • Multicore Programming and the NAG Library for SMP & Multicore
  • An Introduction to CUDA Programming and the NAG Numerical Routines for GPUs
Bespoke Training Course Examples
  • Best Practice in HPC Software Development
  • OpenCL introduction for CUDA programmers