Understand the benefits and implications of adopting new technologies

Evidence based targets and goals

NAG will plan and perform benchmarking studies of specific hardware or software technologies which usually means performance testing, but may also include numerical robustness, portability, or other aspects of technology that are important to you. Benchmarking can be used to understand the performance and cost implications of adopting new technologies. This enables planning to be evidence based and encompass performance targets, porting and support needs, skills and training needs, and more.

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Strategy for application development

With a proper understanding of the future technology directions - spanning hardware, software, programming technologies and more - you can develop an effective strategy for sustainable application development. This means you can invest with confidence in your essential application development, adding new features and capabilities, to enable your business to secure and protect competitive advantage. NAG helps by advising on application design choices and strategy, taking into account technology directions. NAG advice can include algorithms, performance implementation, portability, sustainability, skills and more.


Technology Benchmarking Provides
  • Focused performance studies, for example a particular application benchmarked across a range of HPC systems
  • A managed technology evaluation service, where we collaborate to undertake continual performance evaluations of new software and hardware technologies as they emerge and show potential for your business
  • Advise on the role of benchmarking in procurement, application planning, and acceptance testing