Supporting Students

Sponsorships, Internships, Awards & Careers
Fostering Student Talent for the Future

NAG actively encourages students all over the world in many ways including the sponsorship of PhD candidates, and by offering Student Placements, Internships and Work Experience positions. In fact, many NAG staff held student positions during their studies. In addition to this we recognise and reward exceptional student achievements via our Student Award Programmes and utlize Knowledge Transfer Partnership programmes to ensure that our academic collaborative roots continue into our future.

Learn more on our YouTube channel

If you would like to learn more about how your work would benefit from using the routines in the NAG Library, or how to use the NAG Compiler, do see the clips on our YouTube channel. From Time Series Modelling to examples of Global Optimization and Nearest Correlation Matrix there is lots to learn from. If you have a question to ask just email us or call.

Time Series ARIMA Modelling