Invaluable work experience and expert mentoring

NAG is host to both short and long term student placements with students commonly studying computer science and / or mathematics. Learn what it's like to work as a student at NAG by reading some of our previous students accounts of their time. If you're interested in applying for a placement at NAG do get in touch.

See what our students say about working at NAG
Will Lee-Anglin

My name is Will Lee-Anglin and I’ve just spent my placement year in industry at NAG whilst studying for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Bath. NAG has been a brilliant opportunity for me to experience various roles and practices in a software company.

Joe Davison

I'm Joe Davison, a Computer Science undergrad at Bath Uni, and I've just spent my year in industry at NAG as a Software Engineer. Working with NAG has been a brilliant opportunity to work in different areas of a software company, with support from experienced and super helpful colleagues.

Andrew Lawson

While scouring the internet for a student placement vacancy that complimented my Maths and Computer Science course, I was fortunate enough to find NAG had exactly that. After making my application, I got an interview which was very straightforward and relaxed. I was given an office tour, discussed my CV, answered a few questions and was given a quick lesson on the inner workings of NAG (which gave me the opportunity to express my interest and enthusiasm). Opportunely, I got the job!

Philip Maybank

My name is Philip Maybank and I came to work at NAG for 6 months on placement from PhD study in Statistics at the University of Reading. During my PhD I did a lot of coding / programming to generate results for my thesis (i.e. for my own use). In doing a placement at NAG I wanted to learn how to write code that can be used easily and effectively by other people. I also wanted to learn about how numerical algorithms are used in industry. NAG proved to be an ideal place for me to pursue these goals.

Andrew Lawson, former NAG Student Placement

"The experience and knowledge I have gained - not only in programming and maths, but in business and working life – will be an extremely valuable asset to the rest of my future career and I couldn’t recommend the placement highly enough."