Statistical Software from NAG

The importance of statistics in today's business and scientific arenas is well recognized and accepted. To help harness the power of quality statistics, NAG offers a portfolio of impressive statistical software. Including, but not limited to; analysis of variance, regression, classification as well as cluster, survival and time series analysis. In addition, the library contains a wide selection of routines to aid the implementation of bespoke models and simulations.

The NAG Library is available in a number of language and environmental variants including the NAG Fortran Library, NAG C Library, NAG Library for SMP and Multicore and the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB. The functionality of the library can be accessed from a wide range of other environments including; Excel, C++, .NET, Visual Basic and Python. Examples of calling the library from these environments, and more, are available from here.

As with all NAG software, you can rest easy knowing that your statistical analyses are being handled by robust, reliable products that have proven themselves time and time again in a multitude of application areas.

If you are looking for statistical software that offers choice, power and flexibility - NAG has the solution.

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