Improve your numerics with NAG Services

NAG provides consulting services that range from the production of customised interfaces to existing NAG solvers to bespoke development with no dependence on the NAG Libraries. Codes developed may be designed for domain-specific application areas and/or tuned for specific hardware and software environments.

Development of new numerical approaches

NAG's skills and experience in developing reliable numerical code can be used to conveniently address client specific numerical problems using their data to enable verification.

NAG helped deliver a new analysis tool to a pharmaceutical company. The solution provided allowed them to forecast and run scenario analysis over the product life cycle. They chose NAG because they needed a robust, well-tested solution.

A proprietary trading firm chose NAG software to create a new strategy for portfolio optimization. The client adopted various NAG optimization solvers and used novel heuristics to enforce real-world constraints.

Specification and Testing

NAG test and validation services are used by major software and hardware companies. By taking advantage of NAG expertise in building test harnesses these companies enjoy the peace of mind of independent high-quality external audit.

A global market leader needed to verify a new mathematical function in their calculation sheet. They called on NAG for the specification, testing and quality control.

Porting numerical solutions to new environments

To keep applications up to date NAG can port numerical code to different hardware architectures for example to many-core, GPU, and/or perhaps simply to an alternative chipset.

As well as hardware porting NAG delivers software migration services helping clients move between a wide variety of software languages such as Fortran, C, C#, C++ Java, VBA and more. NAG has broad experience in updating legacy applications.

'NAG consulting services are available for your specialist numerical code, not just for NAG code. '

An automotive finance company required an application for validating and optimizing loan terms and suggesting alternative terms. NAG provided its robust numerical components with additional VBA code to deliver an Excel-based solution.

Support for extended numerical methods

When special numerical techniques can provide valid results for your problem NAG can re-engineer components to fit with your requirements.

NAG aided a retail analytics firm by implementing advanced regression techniques. NAG provided the new components with APIs to customer specification.

Michael Krätsch, PSI AG

"The help that NAG services provided was invaluable for us. The increase in speed that we are now able to achieve, when solving our specific pipeline problem, was amazing and the knowledge we were given about of optimization solvers, problem formulation and modelling techniques was more than we hoped for. The NAG people are a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t have wished for more from any consultancy engagement."

Services Benefits

New application capabilities

  • Add sophisticated analytical features such as data mining, forecasting, optimization, and statistical analysis to your product.

Speed up time-to-market

  • Since NAG has probably already designed the components you need, partnering with us can save months from your product development schedule.

Reduced development costs

  • NAG component licences are a fraction of the cost of developing, testing and documenting even a relatively simple mathematical component.

Reduced maintenance costs

  • Maintaining software for new versions of operating systems, compilers or even hardware can be a costly aspect of business. NAG does the hard work for you by ensuring their components are available on all the major platforms.

Protect your investment

  • NAG's software is regularly updated to incorporate the latest advances in mathematics and statistics, ensuring that your product remains at the cutting edge of industry developments.

Access to experts

  • NAG provides outstanding technical support. Furthermore, if you need a specific variation of a component NAG provides or something entirely new, NAG have the experts to create it for you.