Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations

One of the key benefits to MATLAB users using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is the extensive routine documentation for every routine accessible from the toolbox. In fact, all the NAG Library documentation has been converted to MATLAB help format, making it instantly accessible via MATLAB's documentation facilities. Included in the documentation for each NAG Library routine is example MATLAB code showing how to call the routine.

To illustrate how easy the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is to use, we demonstrate how to call some popular NAG routines, and use MATLAB's plotting facilities to view the results below.

NAG Toolbox for MATLAB Example

Derived from NAG Chapter            

Finding the root of an equation

The C05 chapter

Interpolation through a set of points

The E01 Chapter

Fitting a surface with bicubic splines

The E02 Chapter

Fitting a set of points with a cubic spline

The E02 Chapter

Minimization of a function

The E04 Chapter


The D01 chapter

Creating a Gaussian copula

The G Chapter

Multivariate Methods

The G03 chapter

Random Number Generators

The G05 chapter

Time series analysis

The G13 chapter

Bessel functions

The S Chapter