Performance Optimisation and Productivity Service

POP! - An EU Project

Note: The current round of applications for the POP project is now closed (March 2018), however if you have a requirement for parallel software analysis and performance improvement NAG's highly experienced HPC Team will be delighted to hear from you. Learn more.

Read about the multiple projects that NAG HPC assisted POP clients on via the case studies here.

A free of charge service to organisations within the EU to analyse performance of parallel software, identify issues and assess performance improvements

NAG are delighted to be part of the EU group called POP (Performance Optimisation and Productivity) that is helping to improve the performance of software. In brief POP offers to analyse software and recommend improvements with a focus on HPC and parallelisation. This service is free of charge to EU organisations.

We have the tools and expertise to analyse all aspects of code performance from individual CPUs up to inter-processor communications, for example successfully identifying memory bottlenecks and load imbalances for existing clients, allowing a better understanding of execution efficiency and targets for code refactoring.

We're currently identifying new clients for whom software performance improvements could lead to benefits for the organisation or user community. To express an interest please contact or see the POP (Performance Optimisation and Productivity) website for more information.

POP - A User's View

Speaking of POP, Alexei Yakovlev, Software Developer of ADF Modelling Suite at SCM said:"I can honestly say your analysis gave us a new insight into performance of one of the newer features available in ADF. What is more important, it clearly showed us the limitations of the current implementation and pointed us to the ways to improve it."

Learn more about POP's work: