PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management Adds Analytics via Numerical Algorithms Group

eBusiness Analytics Leverage Best in Class Statistical Tools

Downers Grove, IL, 30 October 2000 Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) and PeopleSoft Inc (Nasdaq: PSFT) today announced that PeopleSoft has embedded mathematical and statistical software components from NAG's C Library into PeopleSoft 8 Enterprise Performance Management products. NAG's numerical software components will provide PeopleSoft 8 users with the speed and accuracy required for today's demanding business analytics.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management is a comprehensive, integrated suite of eBusiness analytic applications. This internet-based software enhances an enterprise’s ability to manage investments in employee, customer, and supplier relationships. The applications allow managers to proactively improve business performance and better execute strategy – all via the Internet.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management helps organizations maintain, monitor, and analyze their strategic and statistical objectives. It also assists companies in understanding where they are making the most money, which projects generate the highest return, and which business processes add shareholder value.

"The inclusion of the NAG C Library provides users of the eBusiness analytics applications with the advanced statistical tools they need to effectively analyze information," said Chuck Teller, vice president and general manager of PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management. "The combination of advanced statistics and PeopleSoft’s packaged analytic applications allow our customers to conduct the mission-critical analysis necessary to improve profitability and performance."

"NAG technology enabled PeopleSoft’s development team to deliver analytics to our customers faster and more efficiently," said Louis Olds, vice president of Product Management. "We expect to reduce maintenance costs, allowing us to focus on new functionality in future releases."

Tony Nilles, NAG vice president of Sales and Marketing said, "PeopleSoft has done a superb job of integrating sophisticated analytical functions and making them accessible to customers. Peoplesoft 8 eBusiness analytics provides to users the functionality, speed and accuracy needed in today’s demanding business analytics. When results matter, people can trust the combination of NAG and PeopleSoft."

About the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
With over thirty years’ experience and a worldwide reputation in developing, porting, distributing, and supporting scientific computing software, NAG supplies a range of mathematical and statistical components, compilers, tools and associated products for the professional programmer. NAG software is used by business, industry and education to solve problems, however complex, in areas such as research, engineering, life and earth sciences and financial analysis. With full technical backing and continuous user-driven development the NAG algorithms provide a cost-effective answer to faster and better application building. Based in Oxford, UK, NAG has offices in Chicago, Munich and Tokyo, as well as distributors worldwide.

Ian Reid
Vice President, Business Development Unit