Partnership with The University of Manchester to Develop New Numerical Linear Algebra for Emerging Computer Architectures Announced

6 December 2018 − NAG is delighted to be working in collaboration once again with the Numerical Linear Algebra Group at The University of Manchester. After the success of two previous Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) with Manchester, NAG announces a third project focussing on the development of new numerical linear algebra routines for emerging computer architectures.

The project pulls together an impressive group: Professors Jack Dongarra, Nick Higham, and Françoise Tisseur, all who will be working with the KTP Associate, Mawussi Zounon, primarily based at NAG’s Manchester office. Mawussi holds a PhD on the resilience of numerical solvers for linear systems and eigenvalue problems in the context of HPC applications and modern HPC architectures. Following his PhD, he fulfilled a postdoctoral research role at the University of Manchester working on the EU project “Parallel Numerical Linear Algebra for Extreme Scale Systems” (NLAFET). It was in this position that he worked closely with, former NAG Principal Technical Consultant, Professor Sven Hammarling, who changed Mawussi’s perception of a career in industry based on Sven’s experience at NAG.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), funded by NAG and the Technology Strategy Board of Innovate UK, will

  • develop new linear algebra kernels for multicore architectures,
  • develop multi-precision codes that can exploit the half precision arithmetic increasingly available in hardware, and
  • incorporate new sparse matrix functionality into the NAG Library.

The project builds on a long history of collaboration between NAG and the Manchester Numerical Linear Algebra Group.

More information

NAG and The University of Manchester have successfully collaborated on two previous KTPs (2010–2013 and 2012–2013) as well as on joint MSc and PhD projects.