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NAG Library solvers underpin QinetiQ GRC marine design application

NAG Library functions are utilised in Paramarine™, the QinetiQ GRC Integrated naval architecture application for ships and submarines. Paramarine is largely written in C++ by a team of developers with specialist knowledge of marine structure, stability and vessel surface design techniques. The application is developed in a modular fashion and NAG functions are integrated into many of these modules, including those for manoeuvring, seakeeping, structural analysis, powering and surface modelling. 

Vittorio Vagliani, Managing Director of QinetiQ GRC

Our developers know they can rely on NAG solvers for reliability, the NAG documentation and examples for all the detail that is required and, if needed, an unrivalled level of support in the form of NAG’s expertise in numerical mathematics and computer science. We don’t have to work on the lower level at all; instead, we spend our time developing Paramarine to be one of the most useful tools in the marine industry