NAG's Numerical & Statistical Libraries and Java

The Java platform offers application developers the means to simplify the code base, reduce development time and make portable, interoperable code. NAG's highly regarded numerical and statistical libraries can be called from Java enabling developers working in this environment to gain the benefits of using NAG software.

How NAG can help

If the best language solution for your application is Java, we have several ways in which we can help you meet your needs for mathematical, statistical and data mining functionality while meeting your requirements for performance and portability.

  • NAG can provide pure or JNI-"wrapped" versions of existing NAG components. For a complete list of functionality, see the NAG C Library or Fortran Library for more information.
  • We can build variants of these routines for your specific purposes or build new components based on other algorithms.
  • NAG can show you how to develop your own JNI wrappers for our code.


Calling the NAG Library Routines from Java - Using the Java Native Interface