Optimized NAG routines for MATLAB users

The NAG Toolbox for MATLAB provides a solid numerical foundation and serves diverse mathematical areas. It is expertly documented, maintained and supported, and is regularly updated with cutting edge algorithmic capabilities.

Extensive documentation and routine examples

One of the key benefits to MATLAB users using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is the extensive routine documentation for every routine accessible from the Toolbox. Included in the documentation for each NAG Library routine is example MATLAB code showing how to call the routine. The index is provided in HTML format and each routine's documentation includes a link to a printable PDF file.

Ease of use

To illustrate how easy the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB is to use, we demonstrate how to call NAG routines, and use MATLAB's plotting facilities to view the results:

Development acceleration for your algorithm-reliant application

"I am impressed by the optimization algorithm provided by the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB. It improves the results for my maximum likelihood estimations for situations where the sample size is small causing non-concentrating likelihood and when the likelihood functions have 'ridges'. Ordinary algorithms, for example Newton gradient search, perform poorly in these situations."

Ning Guo, Warwick Finance Research Institute, University of Warwick, UK