NAG Partner | Xi-FINTIQ

NAG partner with Xi-FINTIQ to provide Origami – a cost-effective grid, cloud and execution framework which is easy to use and maintain, robust, and highly flexible – ensuring quicker delivery of the right answers, and a significant improvement on HPC ROI. Origami is developed to utilise parallel calculation to deliver benefits across any HPC grid and cloud environment.

Xi-FINTIQ is a London based organisation made up of technology specialists and quants who have several decades of experience from working across multiple Tier 1 Investment Banks. Some of the team are recognised as industry leaders for their books and publications. Their core business is the production of XVA engines which sits on top of Origami.

NAG's experience in rigorous testing and correctness combined with its respected position in the quant finance community make the partnership with Xi-FINTIQ a strong fit. NAG collaborates in the development of Origami playing a key role in testing, QA, technical support and documentation. The distribution, licensing and first line technical support is provided by NAG

Origami is provided with support services that include tailored implementation and on premise installation ensuring users gain maximum benefit from the framework, enjoy training and high quality first-line technical support.