NAG Partner | Clarifi

Capital IQ's ClariFI® delivers breakthrough analytical productivity to active portfolio managers with state-of-the-art technology and services. ClariFI is the first platform to integrate factor analysis, trading strategy construction, and portfolio risk management features with cutting-edge optimization techniques.

Through a software development partnership with NAG, ClariFI assures users access to select routines from the world renowned NAG C Library.

In a recent press release announcing this partnership, Gioel Molinari, ClariFI's Managing Director stated, "Many of ClariFI's customers are sophisticated asset managers and other quantitative analysts who are familiar with NAG's well-deserved reputation for high quality, fast, and robust algorithms. Because our product is in constant development, access to NAG's library of routines is very attractive since it helps us incorporate new features relatively quickly and speed development time."

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