NAG Partner | Apple

Apple is becoming the platform of choice for many involved in scientific and technical computing. The combination of Mac OS X, with its fast and stable Unix kernel, and Apple's long established ease of use has re-established the Mac as a platform for "serious" science. NAG began collaboration with Apple prior to the introduction of Mac OS X.

The globally renowned NAG C Library, NAG Fortran Library and NAG Fortran 90 Library are now optimized for for Mac OS X. This follows the release in August 2002 of the NAGWare f95 Compiler for Mac OS X, which was enthusiastically received by the community for applications such as modeling ocean currents and simulating the evolution of stars. Among many comments, one sums up the reaction of users - "It is by far the friendliest compiler I have used."

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If the software you want does not appear to be available for your computer, please contact us. A version may be planned or nearly ready. If not, registering your interest helps NAG plan future versions and may ensure future availability.