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New in the NAG Library

The NAG Library contains hundreds of routines which are powerful, reliable, flexible and ready for use from a wide range of operating systems, languages, environments and packages including Excel, Java, MATLAB®, .NET/C# and many more. We have selected key highlights from the NAG Library and show in more detail how a particular routine or set of routines can be used and explain how they complement the existing capabilities of the NAG Library. A full comprehensive overview of what is new can be found in the NAG Library Manual.

To learn more about a specific area/routine click on the relevant link below.

"The code is highly reliable. The NAG Library contains some of the best algorithms available" Fred Hickernell, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

"Accessing my work via the NAG Library gives it a 'seal of approval' and assures people that the code is accurate and correct" Rebecca Killick, Lecturer in Statistics, University of Lancaster