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We have selected the new functionality in the NAG Library and show in more detail how a particular routine or set of routines can be used:

Faster Data Fitting (Calibration): Mini Article, Python Examples, Java Examples

Fast Implied Volatilities: Mini Article, Python ExamplesJava Examples

Solving Convex and Non-convex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming (QCQP) Problems: Mini Article, Python Examples, Java Examples

Solving Convex Problems with Second Order Cone Programming (SOCP): Mini Article, Technical Poster & Python Examples

Derivative-free Optimization Solver for Calibration Problems: Technical Poster & Mini Article 

Flexible Modelling with the NAG Optimization Modelling Suite: Mini-article & Examples

First-order Active-Set Method for Nonlinear Programming: Mini Article, Python Examples

Nearest Correlation Matrix: Technical Poster, Python Examples, Java Examples & Mini Article 

Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra (RNLA) Algorithms: Technical Poster 

Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Analysing High-dimensional Dataset: Slide Deck & Python Examples 

Polynomial Root-Finding: Blog

"The code is highly reliable. The NAG Library contains some of the best algorithms available"

Fred Hickernell, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology