NAG Fortran Compiler Release 5.2 - LICENSING NPMI652NA

                  Licensing For The NAG Fortran Compiler

1. Introduction

The use of the NAG Fortran Compiler on Unix is controlled by the
Kusari Licence Management System.

This document contains brief instructions on how to install a single-machine
licence needed to run the software.

2. How to get a licence

2.1 Evaluation ("trial") licences

For evaluation purposes a trial licence may be used.
To get a trial licence contact the NAG Response Centre.

2.2 Finding the Kusari host id

Before obtaining a full licence you need to know the Kusari hostid of the
system on which you intend to use the NAG Fortran Compiler.  Execute the
command 'khostid' on that system, and send the output of this command to the
NAG Response Centre.

The 'khostid' command may be found in the compiler library directory.

3. How to use the licence

3.1 Installing the licence key

Put the licence key into a file accessible from the machine for which the
software is licensed; if possible, in the file "nag.licence" in the
compiler library directory (usually /usr/local/lib/NAG_Fortran).

3.2 Setting the enviroment variable

If the file is not "nag.key", "nag.licence" or "nagware.licence" in the
compiler library directory, your home directory, or the current working
directory, you need to set the environment variable NAG_KUSARI_FILE to the full
pathname of the licence file.

For example, in the C-shell, type:

   setenv NAG_KUSARI_FILE /usr/local/lib/NAG_Fortran/my.licence

in the Bourne shell, type: