Unrivalled Reliability

Extensive support for Fortran including parallel programming with coarrays and OpenMP

The latest NAG Fortran Compiler release (7.0) has extensive support for legacy and modern Fortran features including parallel programming with coarrays, as well as additional support for programming with OpenMP. 

The Compiler also provides significant support for Fortran 2018 (atomic operations, events and tasks, plus other smaller features), almost all of Fortran 2008, complete coverage of Fortran 2003, and all of OpenMP 3.1. All platforms include supporting tools for software development: source file polishers, dependency generator for module and include files, call-graph generator, interface builder and a precision unifier.

It is available on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms. For users preferring an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac, NAG has developed NAG Fortran Builder.

Latest Compiler Functionality
  • Parallel execution of coarray programs on shared-memory machines;
  • Half precision floating-point conforming to the IEEE arithmetic standard, including full support for all exceptions and rounding modes;
  • Submodules, a Fortran 2008 feature for breaking large modules into separately-compilable files;
  • Teams, a Fortran 2018 coarray feature for structuring parallel execution;
  • Events, a Fortran 2018 coarray feature for lightweight single-sided synchronisation;
  • Atomic operations, a Fortran 2018 coarray feature for updating atomic variables without synchronisation.
The Benefits
Fewer mistakes in code
Quality assured
Deliver competitive advantage
Active development

Developing code is time consuming and costly; the NAG Fortran Compiler will save you effort by finding errors and diagnosing non-standard or questionable usage early

The correctness and performance of the NAG Fortran Compiler are verified daily and before each release, the Fortran experts in the NAG Technical Support Service rapidly turn around enquiries and requests from customers, and each release of the NAG Fortran Compiler aggregates all improvements that have been applied to prior versions.

Take advantage of features and related performance benefits from the latest Fortran language standard

New functionality is added to the NAG Fortran Compiler on a regular basis ensuring that customers have access to enhancements in a timely way