NAG Fortran Builder Further Information

The NAG Fortran Builder is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supplied, free-of-charge, with the NAG Fortran Compiler for Microsoft Windows.

Fortran Builder incorporates a number of NAG Tools that are invaluable to developers: a code polishing tool, a call graph generator, a module generation tool and a precision unifying tool.

The compiler's debugging features are integrated with the IDE, greatly assisting with code maintenance.

A simple program consisting of one file may be executed immediately from the IDE but more complicated projects may be built which consist of many files. Once formed, a project may be executed in 32-bit or 64-bit mode and in either Debug or Release mode. Debug mode is advisable for code development but Release mode will be faster for subsequent production runs.

For the convenience of users, certain types of project are already built into the IDE so that the requisite compiler and linker instructions do not have to be set individually by the user. Most noteworthy are:

a.) NAG Projects – when Fortran Builder is released it will automatically link to an appropriate Library that is available at that time. When subsequent libraries are released by NAG these will not be found by this version of Fortran Builder and will have to be explicitly linked as described in the Users' Note for the Library. The example programs are available as template programs and we suggest that you run the a00aaf example program to identify which Library is being used in this set-up. If the default choice is not satisfactory then please see the User's Note for the desired Library to be used in preference to the default; typically this might be the very latest NAG Library, released after your version of Fortran Builder.

Please note that full 'Debug' projects are not suitable because the NAG Fortran Compiler inserts hidden extra variables in parameter lists for such projects and these are incompatible with the optimized NAG Libraries.

b.) LAPACK programs may be built.

These projects, like NAG Projects above, do not use full ‘Debug’ for the reason given above.

This means that to successfully link and run any program using the default LAPACK library within Fortran Builder, care must be taken not to use the ‘undefined variable’ option in that project.

c.) Static library and DLL projects templates are available.

d.) OpenGL project templates are also available.